Sunday, 28 July 2013

Artist Spotlight: Sam Denmark

        Side by Side: Digital Art by Sam Denmark: Commissioner versus unnamed Agent test edit. Project Aella, InnerSanctum Games (2013). 

As you might all already be aware, Sam Denmark is project's lead artist, and is responsible for converting content from the photo shoots to what might best be described as concept art. Pictured above is the Commissioner to the left (office backdrop), and an unnamed agent to the right (night club backdrop).

Concept art is a very important part of this project (especially in it's conception stages). I fully believe concepts are a visual representation of the mood, idea behind a game, setting, character/personalities e.t.c., and also serve as an inspiration to completing and fine tuning certain aspects of the proposed games story (the latter applies to this project in a huge way). Just by looking at a concept image, an observer begins to create different scenarios that might fit the character or mood being portrayed. In short, a good concept tells a good story

An example is the low resolution photo of the commissioner in his office (pictured above). When I observe it, the following come to mind:

  1. Anxious: Anxiously anticipating some news/person.
  2. Focused: In deep thought.
  3. Sinister: Scheming.
  4. Worried: Consequences of an action?
  5. Reserved: Playing Devil's Advocate?

These are only but a few of the possible scenarios/moods that can be drawn by simple observation.

All this made possible by the skills, dedication and vision of Sam Denmark. Sam has demonstrated his ability to perfectly depict a character in the right setting(s). This is especially helpful during the story boarding and scene planning stages as further inspiration can be drawn from these concepts.

Sam is already hard at work on content from the second shoot. I simply can't wait to see the final pieces. 

Please visit Sam Denmark's gallery for more of his work. 

Mr O. Shonibare
Project Lead and Designer
Project Aella
InnerSanctum Games