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The Saga Continues . . .

It has certainly been a while since we posted any significant development updates, and we do apologize for that. You always have to find that balance, as it's key to reaching out to all of you. We tend to post updates to our twitter account quite frequently, as it allows us connect to so many different people around the globe. 

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We have come across some rather interesting independent projects over the last few months, namely:

1) Tangiers:  " Tangiers is a tense stealth game set within the confines of a dark, self-destructive world. Disregarding the analogue, 'puzzle' trappings common to third-person examples of the genre, Tangiers shares more in common with the emergent 'immersive sim' gameplay of Thief or Deus Ex ".

2) Barmark: " Wander through stunning landscapes; immerse yourself within the amazing visuals and sounds of nature. Find harmony by forging your own environments,creating worlds to achieve personal perfection. Experience the calming world, and alter it to your liking ".

They are definitely worth a look, as they are rather unique in what they achieve. We hope to start supporting independent developers by buying their games and contributing towards their funding campaigns.

Ted Price (CEO of Insomniac) donated $7,500 towards Harmonix's Amplitude HD Kickstarter. We would like to see more of this, as game development can be financially challenging, but ultimately fun and rewarding.

Hopefully, this trend of developers supporting each other continues.

As for us?

We have been extremely busy (and we love it), gradually toiling away at all our internal projects, making revisions, discoveries, optimizations here and there . . You know the usual development procedures  :-)

Later this year, a few announcements will be made with more concrete details, but for now, we leave you with a few in-engine test screenshots:

(BTW these screenshots are from a simple environment test, and do not represent the working builds of our internal projects). 

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the form to the right of this page. 

Thanks for your time and happy gaming!

Mr O. Shonibare
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