Sunday, 7 July 2013

Model Spotlight: Rachael

Part of the character design process involves carefully selecting models,  actors and actresses that fit the specification of an existing character concept. This concept is based on a profile that is designed to provide an insight into what the characters life entails, and their role in the proposed game world. Some of these characters will play a vital role in the planned animated shorts (exploring character biographies, back histories e.t.c.).

An example of one of these models is Rachael. Rachael is a part time student, model and actress. Rachael aspires to get involved in acting/performing full time, as well as work within a creative field. 

Rachael was present at the 2nd Photo Shoot, and modelled as the basis for the creation of the 'ex-wife' (character name will remain disclosed for now). 

The 'ex wife' will be directly connected to one of the main playable characters in the game, and will influence a lot of his decisions as the game progresses. The 'ex wife' will form the basis of troubled 'emotional link' to this character, and this relationship will be obvious through their interactions. 

To capture such a personality, care must be taken to design the outfit, make-up, props, and even the poses with such a personality being the driving force behind these design choices. Even facial expressions are especially vital to capturing a solid base for the digital artist to work off.

 Rachael being prepped at the 2nd shoot: Make Up Artist - Victoria Thomas. 

 The results exceeded my expectations.

                          Rachael: Shooting

In Rachael's words:

" I feel very privileged to be part of the Aella Project as it gives me the opportunity to progress in my career and also be part of something fun and exciting. Working with Mr Shonibare has been a really enjoyable experience. He is a true professional, and is an inspiration to all of us "

 Keep your eyes peeled for more Spotlights.