Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Project R.F Character Design: Captain Hakon Version 1.0

                      Residuum Factor: Neo-Genesis

Project RF. Captain Hakon Version 1.0

The previous update briefly looked at version 3.0 of MoyRah's character design, detailing the changes and refinements that have been made since version 1.0 of the character concept.

Whilst refinements are being made to ensure the final MoyRah  concept meets specification, preliminary design work has already begun on 'Captain Hakon' (Old Norse name meaning 'High Son'). 

Captain Hakon is a character with some rather important responsibilities which include commanding the Andromedaen fleet.

The idea behind this character in particular is to successfully portray a well respected 'authority figure' in a military science fiction context. The first steps to achieving this are:

  1. Identifying the right base model: Considering the future plans we have for the Residuum Factor saga, having characters that are distinct and memorable is extremely important. If we look at the top of this page, the image portrays a character, with a certain expression and dress style.  Even with little to no information about Captain Hakon, the image is capable of conveying a certain mood or a vague sense of who he is. This is made possible because the base model is capable of pronouncing those attributes that will define the eventual character.
  2. The outfit design: The outfit design is just as important as having the right base model. because it is capable of amplifying the personality that is being conveyed. Looking at the image above, the outfit, although basic in design is successfully portraying a character with certain rankings that are symmetrical in placement. With the addition of the cape, it becomes obvious that the character could possibly be an authority figure, or a perfectionist with a certain demeanour.

All these add to the definition of the character. 

Work has already commenced on Captain Hakon version 2.0, and further modifications will ensure that the final character concept is the definitive choice. 

Alternative Captain Hakon outfit colours:


Base Actor is Carl Wharton.

For more on Carl Wharton, please visit:

Mr O. Shonibare
Project Lead and Designer
Project RF 
InnerSanctum Games (2014)