Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Release day update

Evening Update
 Hello guys!

Just thought I'd give you a quick update:

Some of you that might have been following the updates closely, and are wondering when the links to the weapons will go live.

As a result of some final evaluations, I have decided to delay the live date till 04/07/2014. 

As they say, the first 90% is the work. The last 10% is the hard work. This is very true, as high quality geometry with no problematic intersections was the basic spec for building this weapon pack. And the last 10% often results in going back to make a few modifications.

The good news is that all models have now passed the internal checks.

The slight delay also brings about a few redesigns, which you will see on Friday.

My apologies for the delay, but it's worth it ;-)


Good morning :-)

I am currently in the final stages of optimizing the weapons, to ensure that all problematic and intersecting geometry is taken care of.

This is imperative to handling any performance drawbacks and ensuring hidden faces do no pose a problem to your projects. Quality assurance FTW!

So far the experience of creating this weapons pack has been brilliant, and I look forward to revealing the real deal in a few hours.

Special thanks to all my twitter contacts. Thanks for all your RT's and favorites.


In the meantime, please enjoy the redesign of the decimator. This is a wire-framed unoptimized version:

By the way, I believe I might have lied. I said 16 weapons, but there will be 17 of them ;-)

Sorry, about the misinformation.


Mr O. Shonibare
InnerSanctum Games Ltd (2014)