Thursday, 12 June 2014

Your Feedback

Good Afternoon!

We've been doing a lot of thinking, and we have decided that your feedback is vital to ensuring the upcoming asset pack meets your requirements and is of high quality.

Our target was to make the packs available as .obj and .fbx models. However, we can not deny the versatility (and awesomeness) behind a 3D modeller like blender. Blender is freely available, and works quite well with many other applications and game engines.


1) Would you prefer to have the .obj and .fbx models available for download ? Or would you rather .blend files that provides you the flexibility to export to whatever format you wish ? There will be a tutorial video showing how to export our assets from blender to UE4 as an example.

2) Are 16 assorted melee weapons satisfactory for a price that does not exceed $49.99 ? Bear in mind that this is a purchase once, and use in as many projects of yours (with modifications). 

3) Are there any specific melee weapons that you would like to see in a pack like this ?

Your feedback is VERY important to us, and we would really appreciate your comments, criticisms, and any feedback you can provide in the comments section below or the contact us box to the right of this page.

Many Thanks

Mr O. Shonibare