Saturday, 21 February 2015

Dev Update # 2

Hello Everyone,

Today, I'll be showing you the early 3D concepts of one of the many enemy classes being designed for the Black Falcon Saga. For those of you who missed it, please view the link to catch up on the last update:

Development has been progressing nicely in spite of financial & hardware shortcomings, and since the last update, the following has been set in stone:

1) Story & Art Elements: I have decided that the Black Falcon Saga will be an incomplete experience without strong story elements to give meaning and substance to the Khoa-lan (tentative) universe. For that reason, human characters will be featured in the game. One of these characters is Captain Anka, who will pilot of one of the Falcon Jets. Captain Anka will be modelled in the likeness of a real human being.

Provided I can raise money for a competent development system, the story behind the Black Falcon Saga will rely on 3D Renders and in-game cutscenes to convey the story across with an emphasis on good voice acting and plot twists. 

2) The Falcons: 3 Falcons have been shown so far with their gradual upgrades from MK01 models to MK04 models. These are a work in progress and not the final Falcon designs (3D AO Renders). I can confirm that there are a total of 5 Falcons, 2 of which have not been disclosed (yet). Work is being carried out on the Falcon in game branding (logos and outfits for the human characters).

3) Legitimacy: It has now come to my attention that many KickStarter and IndieGoGo campaigns have left funders in an unfortunate position regarding the product they thought they supported. In some cases, no product is delivered even up to 2 years after being funded. I can in all honesty tell you that my decision to go down the crowd funding route is not based on any money hungry antics (I've been at this non-stop for over 2 years now in spite of fluctuating financial conditions and I don't Intend to stop). For verification, please view all my previous works. Please bear in mind this is all from a 1 man development studio.

4) Enemies: I will be paying a lot of attention to the enemies in the BFS to ensure they are engaging in their design and behaviours. Gamers will be happy to know that there are many enemy classes in the game, and each enemy class is specialised with regards to offence, defence and in-game behaviours.

Below are AO Renders of the Optical Drone (O.D.) enemy class, which so far has the following sub-classes:

- Mono Optical Assault Drone.
- Globule Optical Assault Drone.
- Globule Optical Seeker Drone.

- Globule Optical Retriever Drone.

These are a W.I.P. btw.

Each Drone Sub-class will have its own distinct and shared abilities, seeing as the drone design is modular in nature, thereby allowing for spare parts to be interchanged to implement features and amplify abilities (Inheritance characteristics & cross compatibility).

For example the Globule Optical Seeker Drone model is not an offensive sub-class, and was designed to provide and almost 360 degree surveillance and to alert other enemy craft in the surrounding area. However, the G.O.S.D is extremely lethal in large numbers, as they are able to generate a collaborative E.M.P. (electromagnetic pulse) that can disable the Falcons flight controls for a short period of time, thereby making it easier for other offensive drone models to strike.

What this means is that you will need to avoid G.O.S.D clusters.

Rest assured, there are more exciting drone sub-classes in the works :-)

Last week, I made a discovery that bodes extremely well for this project. In fact it has me a little bit excited :-)

Last year, I was creating assets for a 2D game titled " The NightShade Chronicles ". This was a game based around my cat, and has since been halted due to other project priorities.

During the time I spent making the NightShade Chronicles, I designed quite a lot of 2D concepts of Robots and Mechs that were meant to be in the game.

Today, I can confirm that those 2D concepts are now being translated to 3D models, and they will feature in the Black Falcon Saga. There will also be noticeable upgrades too.

Here are a few 2D concepts that will make the cross over to the Black Falcon Saga:

1) MAJ-MK02 (Mobile Assault Juggernaut).

2) MA-BFA-MK02 (Mobile Assault Juggernaut Bipedal Feline Annihilator). 

Once again, Thanks for your time, and please support us at

Mr O. Shonibare

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